Advantages Of Residential Dumbwaiters

The advantages of installing a dumbwaiter in industries such as restaurants and hotels may be obvious. But having a dumbwaiter installed in homes or residential units with multiple levels can also be a huge benefit to those that live there.

From sending laundry between floors, reducing the health risks of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs, to transporting shopping bags and post to the appropriate floors – a dumbwaiter can make life much easier.

Important Items

The main function of any dumbwaiter is to transport vital items between floors. This same function applies at home. Dumbwaiters can transport shopping bags, especially those with delicate items like eggs, safely to the kitchen. Laundry rooms are usually placed on a certain floor in a residential unit, or even if you have a large home, a dumbwaiter means you don’t have to carry bulky loads of washing up and down the stairs.

Risk Of Injury

The risk of falling on stairs is greatly increased when carrying heavy or bulky items. Injuries can range from minor to incredibly serious, with a number of deaths occurring from falls on stairs every year. Installing a dumbwaiter reduces your risk of injury to you and other family members. A common injury when carrying heavy items is back strain; a dumbwaiter does the heavy lifting for you, so you put less strain on your back.

Make Cleaning Easy

Cleaning is no enjoyable task, and if you have a large home with multiple floors then a dumbwaiter can make things much simpler. They can assist you by helping to transport cleaning supplies quick and easily between floors, reducing the risk of any spills in the meantime.

The benefits of installing a dumbwaiter in a residency are many. Certain residential homes such as care homes for the elderly, or apartment buildings, find that dumbwaiters reduce a lot of injuries, and generally make life a little easier.