The Advantages of Industrial Lifts

If you are wondering whether industrial lifts are a good fit for your business, you should take into consideration that they also come with a myriad of benefits. They are an investment that is definitely worth the money, especially if you require the lifting of both heavy and light loads between different storeys. 

So, if you are still undecided, what are the advantages of industrial lifts that you should look into?

Committed to Sustainability

Looking to reduce your business’ carbon footprint? Look no further than Sheridan Lifts’ lineup of energy-efficient industrial lifts. Every lift that we install is fitted with energy-saving features that minimise carbon emissions and contribute to more sustainable business practices.

Such features include:

  • LED lighting – low-energy consumption compared to other lighting such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lights
  • Stand-by mode – hibernates when not in use, saving energy
  • Regenerative drive systems – recovers energy, feeding it back into the network

You will find that our energy-saving lifts are BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) compliant, potentially saving you money in the long run should you wish to invest in one.

With growing concerns and tensions surrounding climate change and global warming, there is increased pressure on companies to become more sustainable. By implementing sustainable industrial lifts (that are BREEAM rated), you are already a step ahead in helping your business become more environmentally friendly.

Move Goods between Floors

The industrial sector is as busy as it gets in terms of footfall, so when it comes to business efficiency, this can instantly be improved with the installation of industrial lifts to help move goods. Not only is this a faster method than having personnel carry goods up and down the stairs, but it is also a much safer one too.

Industrial lifts such as a trolley lift are able to hold up to 300kg and travel as far as up to six floors. Keep in mind, however, that trolley lifts operate slower than a normal lift. Nonetheless, they are a cost-effective alternative if you only need to move goods of up to 300kg.

For materials or goods of heavier loads, a heavy-duty lift is the better option. Particularly, cargo lifts and mezzanine lifts are commonly seen in spacious warehouses and factories, built for lifting heavy goods.

Cargo lifts are able to move crates, trolleys, and even pallets between floors at a time-efficient rate.

Avoid Injury

Accidents and injuries may occur when manually handling goods between floors, but industrial lifts can help mitigate these risks. Especially for heavier loads, industrial lifts are great for prioritising the safety of workers.

As the building owner, you are responsible for the safety of any persons within the building, regardless of whether they are a customer or an employee. To safely move goods in buildings of multiple storeys without causing harm to others, investing in industrial lifts is absolutely crucial.

When used correctly and with proper (and regular) maintenance, industrial lifts are a safe and reliable means of transporting goods.

Boost Productivity

As mentioned previously, industrial lifts can help improve efficiency, which in turn can boost overall productivity as well. In particular, as materials are being moved at a quicker rate, this means that more tasks (that require the use of such materials) can be completed faster too.

As a result, this positively impacts business productivity and contributes to organisational success. Employees no longer have to worry about carrying heavy goods by themselves, so you can also expect a boost in employee satisfaction.

As employees are happier, and therefore more motivated, they will also become more productive at work. One study by Oxford University even found that happy employees are 13% more productive.

With the link between productivity and happiness indicated in research, it would not be surprising if you decide to install an industrial lift to help improve productivity within the workplace. This may be especially useful for businesses who have recently been experiencing slow operations.

Prevent Damage

Industrial businesses will require goods to be transported in pristine condition, meaning processes must be in place to reduce the chances of them being damaged in transit. If you need to move stock or materials between floors, industrial lifts can do this for you without compromising the quality of the goods being transported.

It is easy to accidentally drop or damage goods whilst manually moving them between floors – going up and down the stairs, opening and closing doors, and so on, can all lead to accidental damage of goods.

Damaged materials or stock can be a hindrance for an industrial business, especially if they are in the manufacturing process. As a consequence, product delays may occur and disrupt the smooth running of operations.

To prevent this from happening, industrial lifts are a fantastic solution. To take the burden of accidentally damaging materials off of your employees’ shoulders, invest in an industrial lift that enables the no-hassle transport of materials.

Industrial lifts will ensure that any goods being transported will move from one floor to another in the original condition that they were received in.

Increase Usable Space

Some factories and warehouses are massive, and whilst stock and/or machinery can take up a lot of space within the building itself, incorporating industrial lifts instead of stairs may lead to more space available for other means such as for additional machinery or storage space.

Sheridan Lifts provides bespoke industrial lift solutions, working with you to design a lift that is tailored to your every needs. Size, dimensions, weight capacity, features, and more can all be customised to your specific preferences. Our team of experienced engineers will aim to accommodate your every request, ensuring that your bespoke lift is compliant and fit for its intended purpose.

For all new lift installations, no matter the sector or size of the project, contact Sheridan Lifts today.