Creative Lifts


Published on: 11-01-2018

Creative Lifts

Fantasy Shop Chimera

A delightful forest in the heart of Amsterdam: home to trolls, pixies, nymphs, dragons and full of all the mythical creatures and little creative lifts your imagination can muster!

The dream-like shop has been running for 27 years and is expert in all things fantasy – well known locally and all throughout the land to fantasy lovers!

Experience the sprightliest of creatures playing and bathing in Chimera’s fountains, frolicking under the ivy and among the fairy rings.

Asian Spirit

But that’s not all! The first floor of the shop, Asian Spirit, is a wonderful oriental palace adorned with eastern souvenirs, Asian arts and crafts and incense galore. It is home to Asian curiosities beautiful and delicate.

Creative Lifts

Fantasy shop Chimera, famously located on Damstraat, is also home to some enchanting artwork – lovingly hand-painted onto their shop’s lift!

Decorated with stunning and impish mythical creatures simple but creative touches can really integrate a lift and add to the ambiance of the room. Both functional and beautiful these inexpensive additions are really something to consider allowing your lift to become a beautiful accessory to the room!

Hunter also used their creative flare to transform their lift on Regent Street in the heart of London’s metropolis see it here!

It is such an inspiration to see how Asian spirit/Fantasy shop Chimera and Hunter have transformed their lifts so creatively. If you have an idea – Sheridan Lifts can bring it to life! Just give us a call or leave a message on our contact form to discuss your lift needs and desires!

We hope you have been as inspired as we are to get creative!

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