Doing work we’re proud of


Published on: 22-09-2015

We’ve been operating as a family-run, lift company for over thirty years and over that time there have been certain jobs that have meant more to us than others. For instance, installing platform lifts in commercial buildings to allow adequate disabled access, or completing installations in care homes have been projects that have brought us joy on a personal level. But there’s nothing we’ve found more satisfying than the project we’re working on at the minute.

Sheridan lifts are currently the chosen lift company on site with DIY SOS, helping to renovate homes in Milesplatting for veterans. We’ve been tasked with installing a disabled access platform lift for a house that will be home to a triple amputee war veteran from The Irish Guards.

We’ve been on the site with the whole DIY SOS crew and there really has been such an upbeat, positive vibe around the streets. Despite the tough work, long hours and the fact that the project still needs more people to help it to completion, there is a real sense of community spirit on the site.

Here are some pictures of how things have been getting on so far.

Some action shots from the site

Doing work we’re proud of

Sheridan Lifts with the DIY SOS presenters

Doing work we’re proud of 2

We’re overjoyed to be the lift company chosen to be involved with the project, especially with our personal connection to the military – we can’t wait for you all to see the programme when it airs on the BBC!

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