Dumbwaiters living up to their name


Published on: 05-05-2015

So we all know that dumbwaiters are small lifts that are used to transport food items in places such as restaurants and hotels, but it was a case of a “dumb waiter” one Christmas Day when a member of staff in a pub, here in the UK, thought, after a few too many eggnogs no doubt, that it would be wise to crawl into the dumbwaiter shaft!

No matter how small you are to be able to fit in one of the dumbwaiters, the small lifts are designed to carry nothing heavier than a few starters and maybe some mains! So, of course, our dumb waiter weighed far too much for the food lift and it fell, trapping the man and giving him minor injuries to his legs and no doubt a massively bruised ego. What’s worse is he had to be rescued by two fire crews and an ambulance team. The moral of the story? Never climb into dumbwaiters.


Here at Sheridan Lifts, all of our dumbwaiters are designed and installed with functionality, safety and food standards in mind. We don’t account for people trying to climb in them however, so if that happens the onus isn’t on us for the damage! And it’s up to you to hire your own staff so make sure they’re smart-waiters!