By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 28-01-2014

Dumbwaiters and Dumb Waiters


Faulty Towers was an iconic sitcom revolving around the day-to-day running of a hotel starring 2 characters: Basil Faulty, the owner, and his sidekick Manuel, the Brazilian waiter. The pair were often seen running up and down stairs or running through from the kitchen to the dining room with meals in the hands in a hilarious fashion.

The food they served was either wrong, too cold, too hot or fell on the floor, which often resulted in classic moments of staring between one another.

When we at Sheridan Lifts attend emergency breakdowns to dumbwaiters, the situation has often resemble scenes from the sitcom classic but with our can do professional attitude, these are quickly resolved.

A good restaurant requires a reliable dumbwaiter installation, backed up with a maintenance schedule that covers emergency breakdowns, quickly.

Sheridan Lifts install the very best equipment sourced and manufactured via a UK supplier. Our engineers carry a full range of spares, as the last thing you’d want to see is when sitting down for your meal is waiters running up and down the stairs because the dumbwaiter is out of order, or even worse it arriving cold.

If you are considering a new dumbwaiter installation, Sheridan Lifts will provide the required information for you to choose the right model for your Business. If you want to replace your lift, then we will send a surveyor to your business to meet you, with no initial fees.

Should you require a lift maintenance schedule, to suit your business, Sheridan Lifts will provide you with specific details for Dumbwaiters that take your hygiene requirements into consideration.

Currently Sheridan provides lift service schedules for many food manufacturers including Kellogg’s, Walkers Crisps, Park Cakes, amongst many more.

All our engineers have been fully trained and have the appropriate certificates to work in food environments.

So, to save any of the Basil Faulty moments in your kitchen call Sheridan Lifts, or get in touch via our contact form.