If in doubt, go glass! – Glass Lifts


Published on: 29-09-2015

What’s so good about glass lifts? Why should you install a glass lift over a conventional lift? Here is why.

One of the best, most effective way of giving your building or buisness a bit of a revamp is to give that old lift of yours the overhaul it has needed for so long. Not only are glass lifts an exciting addition to a property or business, they also give the effect of refinement and finesse, transforming even the oldest buildings into the most modern establishments.

Believe it or not glass lifts are a lot more common than they used to be. Today you will find that more and more people are identifying the attraction of glass lift designs. Once installed, a glass lift can become much more than just methods of taking people from floor to floor, they become attractions in themselves and can be considered the focal point of a building.

Of course glass lifts do the exact same job as any other type of lift, however a glass lift manages to do all this in a sophisticated, contemporary way. In many circumstances glass lifts can be considered incredibly scenic.  By their nature, a glass lift allows its passengers to look out, through the glass casing and take in their surroundings. (Ideal for hotels in picturesque locations, to name just one of the possibilities). For this reason, if you have a decidedly beautiful building or your lift is surrounded by stunning views, it’s worth considering glass lifts as an option for your installation.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we can provide glass lifts for a range of setting including domestic or small buildings, as well as larger commercial properties. Glass lifts can totally transform the look of a building and if you’re thinking about giving yours a little bit of a refresh – if in doubt, go glass!

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