Kids today – Lift Company


Published on: 02-07-2015

What were you doing when you were 11 years old? Playing football? Giving your Barbies a detailed back story? You were probably catching up with the latest Dexter’s Laboratory or Hey Arnold episodes. You know kids today; they seem a lot more grown up than we ever were at that age. Whilst we were collecting pogs and Pokémon cards and playing out until our Mum’s shouted us in for tea, kids today are going through break ups and they have something very important that we did not – mobile phones and social media.

There was a hilarious story that went viral recently that in involved an 11-year-old girl breaking up with her boyfriend (how adorable) via text, and using a lift metaphor to deliver a creative burn. As a lift company we were pretty impressed. You can see the exchange in the picture below:

Lift Company

“Ding ding ding! Oh what was that? Oh yeah the elevator cause your (sic) not on my level.” Everyone here at Sheridan Lifts think it’s absolutely hilarious and maybe the best break-up burn we’ve ever seen; if not it’s certainly the most creative!

As a lift company we’re constantly being innovative with list but even this is a new one on us. Who knew you could use a lift metaphor to break up with someone? Poor Joey.