Lift Modernisation


Published on: 07-01-2016

We’re sure you’re familiar with lift modernisation, but we’d like to take this opportunity to fully explain why lift modernisation or lift refurbishment is worthwhile and often vital.

Some people make the mistake of thinking they must completely replace a lift in its entirety. This can be extremely time-consuming and therefore costly; the worst part about it is that it’s usually entirely avoidable. Just because a lift is old, doesn’t mean the whole installation needs replacing. Often lift modernisation will do.

There are a few signs that your lift may be in need of some sort of lift modernisation. Long wait times, lift breakdowns, and an increase in service calls are all signs that a lift is in need of lift modernisation or lift refurbishment. But what are the other benefits to lift modernisation?

  • Energy saving
  • Improved lift performance
  • Streamlined traffic flow
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Adding value to the building
  • Meet legislation without the need for a full lift replacement

Lift modernisation can have your lift running dramatically more efficient, which saves you both time and money. This also makes for a more enjoyable journey as the lift ride is a lot smoother and so it in turn streamlines traffic flow meaning you don’t get a lot of impatient people waiting!

A benefit people sometimes overlook is that every lift that is installed in every building must meet legislation and be up to code. By tweaking, changing and upgrading parts of the lift, you can ensure your lift meets the required legislation without needing to replace the entire thing.

Once your lift modernisation is complete you will also notice a lot lower maintenance costs due to the improved reliability of your lift. Furthermore, the lift modernisation can also add value to you building which is always a good thing.

Lift Modernisation