Lift Refurbishment


Published on: 22-12-2015

It’s a part of life that things break, whether it’s due to an accident or just general wear, tear and use. We’re accustomed to things such as cars, ovens, vacuum cleaners or phones breaking, but we seem to bridle at the thought of things like lifts breaking or needing an upgrade.

Lift refurbishment is a huge part of any lift’s lifespan. But how can you tell whether your lift is in need of refurbishment? Well there are some fairly obvious ones such as slow operation or a breakdown however some can go unnoticed for a while, such as high energy use or noise generation. It’s important that you don’t ignore such signs as delaying lift refurbishment can have serious, long-term and often extremely costly consequences.

Lift Refurbishment

With the most comprehensive maintenance program, all lifts, eventually, require modernisation or replacement. Delaying modernisation too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, or you have seen an increase in service calls to your lift, it may be time to invest in lift refurbishment. Nipping a problem in the bud and replacing certain components can save you from having to invest in a full new lift installation. Lift refurbishment can be over and done with without any real downtime meaning it’s more convenient for you. However, a total lift failure can mean your lift is out of service for days or weeks.

Don’t let a problem snowball, contact Sheridan Lifts to find out more about lift refurbishment.