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Published on: 29-09-2016

new-pictureWhilst on his routine lift service, our lift engineer took this picture from inside a lift car. It is a typical goods/passenger lift.

It is operated by a lift attendant. The type of lift is typical of a 1930s New York film set. However, this lift was in a working Mill in Oldham Manchester.

Sheridan lifts presented a plaque to our client and owner of the premises in 2010 . It was presented to the lift attendant in recognition for his lift services.

For 40 years the lift operator had worked in the lift going up & down the lift shaft shifting goods from floor to floor. 

Using our traffic analysis system, Just take a look at the mileage he has covered over 40 years based lift speed, travel and floors used. This equates to one and three quarters a round the world. In his time as operating the lift, it has required new motors and new lift control equipment. Today he is still operating the lift and we think its amazing. Sheridan Lift have been servicing the lift for 30 years, we have a bit of catching up to do to beat his record. He must be the most dedicated lift operator in the UK.

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