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Published on: 30-10-2016

Tender wins for Sheridan Lifts & Sheridan Doors UK

Sheridan’s have won their individual tenders for Clippers Quay House in Salford.

Sheridan Lift services will be removing the old lifts and supplying and installing two new lift installations.

Sheridan Doors UK will be supplying new automatic glass doors to the front entrances

New fire doors will be fitted to the external exits of the building.

The lift & door companies operationally run separately. However, when are provided with a tender/specifications that requires lifts and doors, we can provide our clients the one stop answer. Not only that we can be very competitive.

We provide a key account manager for both projects from start to completion.

This approach from our clients can also pay good dividends with respect to lift services combined with door maintenance.

  • Our clients get a problem with a door fault and our lift engineers are onsite, no problem.
  • Our Lift engineers are fully trained on automatic doors including shutter & rapid rise
  • lifts-clipper
  • Our ability to be flexible and adapt is fully backed up with our management processes for call handling,

If you are considering new lifts or indeed require new complete doors call Sheridan Lifts, Individual packages are available for lifts or doors.



If you would like a combined maintenance agreements then we can provide the one stop agreements.

For full product information and services info@sheridanlifts.com






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