Lifts, taking it up a level

By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 04-01-2013

Travelling in a lift can sometimes be a bit boring and lifeless, especially if the carriage is old with a distinct smell! As you can imagine, some of the most famous buildings in the world have some of the most prestige lifts, with scenic views of the surrounding city. Though, if you are scared of heights, it’s probably best you take the stairs, but make sure you have a good supply of energy for the journey as these buildings aren’t exactly small!

The Empire State building in Manhattan has 103 floors and 73 carriages. The 86th floor has a glass-enclosed area and an outdoor walkway circulating the building. Passengers are able to reach the 86th floor at a speed of 600-1000 meters per minute.


Paris is of course famous for The Eiffel Tower. It’s 1,050 feet tall and has a panoramic view of the stunning French city. The lift itself is historic in the sense that it takes you up the detailed framework of the building, originating from 1899 and if you love lifts that much, you can even check out the century old elevator engines, which were computerised during its restoration.


The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is the tallest tower in the world and boasts a glass front lift, which can take you up to the observation platform in just 58 seconds. It does’t stop here. There’s a further 33 floors above this and if you feel daring, you can go even further, where the last viewing of the Canadian city is from the Tower’s Sky Pod at a whopping 1,465 feet tall.

These are just a few of the most famous lift journeys that you can experience around the world. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many scenic lifts in the UK, but if you’re travelling or going on holiday soon, you should definitely take the journey. The engineers for these buildings must have a strong stomach to carry out a lift service for these elevators! We’re sure our guys can handle it. In fact, they’ll probably be excited for when the next lift maintenance is due! There is nothing that our team of professionals at Sheridan Lifts can’t do!