More than just a lift


Published on: 31-05-2017

If you have read our last few blogs you’ll know that a lift is more than just a mechanism. With them having become a staple in every multi storey building and even homes now, marketing and advertising companies are now beginning to see what we saw all along in lifts – potential. Companies are now clamouring over themselves to utilise lifts as sources of creative advertising.

So without further ado let’s take a look at 8 of the best lift adverts.


Great Lakes Science Centre, Ohio.

Ingenious, is it not?


Ponto de Criacao, Brazil


This advertising agency in Brazil opted to make the inside of a lift a hairy illustration in an innovative attempt at marketing the new Gillette Mach razor.

Superman Movie Ad. JWT, Brazil


Bacel: Take Action. Love Your Heart – Istanbul, Turkey


Coca Cola Zero. Porto Alegre, Brazil


Divorce Lawyer, Sabina Stobrawe. Frankfurt, Germany

This one made the Sheridan Lifts team chuckle! Ah, divorce.


Folliderm. Mumbai, India


Maxwell House: Wake Up

Imagine stepping into this when you turn up to work dreary and half asleep in the morning and getting the fright of your life.


You too could be utilising your lift as an empty canvas to advertise your business. But don’t forget to have it serviced otherwise the slow opening doors may end up taking centre stage! If you’re in need of lift maintenance, lift repair or any of our other lift services then call us today on 0161 2036299.

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