Only the best – Lift Modernisation


Published on: 22-01-2016

In the words of Beyoncé “let me upgrade you.” No we’re not talking about a person, but lift modernisation of course!

lift modernisation

Previously, we’ve blogged about why some buildings or businesses find themselves in need of a lift upgrade, but we’re going to dedicate this particular blog to explain why you should choose Sheridan Lifts to tackle your lift modernisation.

  • We can work with a variety of lifts

Whether you’ve got a dumbwaiter, platform lift, car lift or glass lift, we can carry out a complete lift modernisation

  • We work across the whole of the UK

Whilst our base is in Manchester, we work across the length and breadth of the UK.

  • We love bespoke lifts

Some lift companies shy away from tackling difficult or tricky jobs, but we can complete a lift modernisation on even the most unconventional of lifts.

  • We value customer service just as much as our products

When completing your lift modernisation, you’ll not only get a fantastic job done, you’ll receive the only the best customer service.

  • We really listen to our clients

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we take on each job knowing it’s going to be different to the last. That’s why we know it’s vital to really listen to what the customer is saying and take on board their opinions.

By combining all of these things we can deliver the best lift modernisation possible; creating an almost brand new lift even Queen Beyoncé wouldn’t mind riding in!

Contact us today for more information on our upgrades and lift modernisations.