The Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Lifts


Published on: 23-11-2016

liftWhen you want to ensure excellent services for your customers, clients and flat owners, you have to install the best quality lifts in your building. There are different types of standard lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts and escalators that can be installed depending on the requirement.

There are manufacturing companies that sell lifts of their own brands. They also provide construction, installation, repair and maintenance services for their lifts. There are pure service companies that offer only repair, maintenance and replacement services.

A lift service company provides different types of services. These services include:


The type of lift you want to install depends on the design of your building as well as the type and quality of lifts you need. There are bespoke designs that can be installed quickly if the building has been constructed to industry standards. You have to consult lift installers at the time of preparing the building construction plan itself. The building contractor, architecture and interior designer have to work as a team to prepare the building design. They have to ensure there are no problems when the required lift is installed.


Lift is a heavy duty machine that is used regularly every day. There are many moving parts in it that wear out after regular usage. While regular maintenance helps keep the lift in good condition; you may have to call for repair services if something breaks down unexpectedly.


All types of lifts require regular maintenance services. In fact, most building owners and flat owners associations take advantage of annual maintenance contract to ensure all year round smooth operation of lifts in their buildings. During the maintenance visit, the lift technicians thoroughly inspect every part and components of the lift and prepare a report. This report will help you keep track of your lift condition.

Replacement or Modernisation

If your old lift has become unusable, it is time to replace it. A very old lift may have old technologies that are not favored by people now. Most of the time, a lift requires replacement when it can no longer be repaired. Hire a lift service Manchester company to check the condition of your lift. The lift technician may advise you to modernise your lift because its safety can no longer be guaranteed due to too many problems.

Special Customised Services

You will need such a service if you want to install a particular type of lift that is not available in the market. There are many companies that offer lift customisation services. They will take a look at the outdoor and indoor structural designs of your building. They will consult you about your specific requirements and preferences. After taking into account all these details, they will design a lift as per requirements.

Call a lift service company in Manchester now if you need any such service.

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