Raising the accessibility with platform lifts


Published on: 05-05-2015

Most buildings nowadays, unless there is a particular exception, need to be readily and easily accessible for wheelchair users. A great way to ensure your building has the correct disabled access is through platform lifts.

Platform lifts are great because they require minimal disruption and fuss to install and don’t require you to make significant amendments and alterations to the layout of your building. Of course, any kind of lift installation is going to require a certain amount of upheaval but platform lifts involve minimal interference.


Here at Sheridan Lifts, our platform lifts are British built and comply to the Machine Directive and part M-Building regulations. We use the ultra-reliable and low maintenance, self-sustained nut and screw drive, Glide, which can be specified with up to 6 stops and a lifting height of 10m for your convenience.

The great thing about the Gilde Hi-Rise platform lifts is that they can be configured to accommodate a range of enclosure and door configurations to suit even the most awkward of sites and buildings. Even if you think your building cannot accommodate platform lifts, it’s worth enquiring anyway as you may be pleasantly surprised.

You can choose from a range of platform lifts colours and options depending on your individual requirements. Platform lifts come with platform illumination and emergency lowering that is backed up with a battery to provide a worry free and reliable solution to your priority access requirements.