Make the World Better with a Sweater!


Published on: 13-11-2017

Help Save the Children This Christmas!

Lift Services do Christmas Jumpers!
Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day 15th Dec

What we are doing

At Sheridan’s we know that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! We just couldn’t wait to deck up the festive décor (yes, at the beginning of November.) Secret Santa scheming is in full swing and we’re all thinking it’s high time for mulled wine!

Everyone knows there’s nothing like indulging in the festivities to get us in the Christmas spirit! That’s why this year Sheridan Lifts are holding a Christmas Jumper Day on the 15th December, in aid of Save the Children.

Make the world better with a sweater!

We’re donating a minimum of £2 per person to show off our fanciest and most embarrassing Christmas attire around the office (there will be photographs!) The proceeds will go to help Save the Children combat child poverty and hunger and fight for:

  • Child Protection
  • Children’s rights
  • Children’s Health
  • Our UK work for children in Britain
  • Child’s Education

Save the Children

With almost a century’s work in unrelentingly fighting for children’s rights, Save the Children are a UK and Worldwide Charity.

In its early years Save the Children campaigned restlessly for donations to help when a state of famine hit Europe. The donations were given to organisations to feed, clothe and educate suffering children and adults.

The charity has been ready to fight with a fast response of aid in times of national and international malady ever since.

Save the Children have always been at the forefront of the worldwide political campaign for children’s rights. Today’s UN Convention on the Right of the Child – the global apparatus that says every child has the right to survival, protection and education is based on documents drawn up by Save the Children founders.

How can you help?

To help protect children, give them a healthy start in life and the chance to learn all you need to do is:

Donate £2 per person bring in the money or text to donate – code is TEAM19790

By simply texting this code to 70050 you and your colleagues can donate anything to Save the Children and give the gift of a chance for children.  Even something simple like a blanket and a hat costing £2 can make the world of difference for a child.

* Your team text code will work in the lead up and after the big days so please share it far and wide!

Get your workplace involved by registering your workplace at