Energy saving lifts, saving the world in one process


Published on: 14-01-2016

What is so important about energy saving lifts? You may not fully understand the benefits that come with upgrading your current lift system to a newer eco lift. Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are pleased to be in a position to offer our customer’s the latest in lift solutions. Read on below for more information.

Being able to save money is a great boon to any business and they often try and find savings any way they can, without compromising the service they deliver. One amazing way that companies can save money, which they may have never considered before, is by installing energy saving lifts.

If a lift is in constant use, which, in busy buildings is a distinct possibility, a lot of electricity gets used up which works out pretty pricey for those paying the bill. High operational costs can be a large chunk of a business’ budget, but they can be easily brought down by assessing the efficiency of the building’s lifts. Switching to energy saving lifts reduces energy consumption; which in turn brings costs down. Not only that, a reduction of energy consumption does wonders for the environment.

As we shift focus on becoming an energy efficient world, striving to combat climate change and the effect it has on our environment, it’s never been more important to have high-specification, energy saving lifts that work just as well as the alternative.

Here are some of the features our energy saving lifts have:

  • LED lighting
  • Built-in standby mode
  • Regenerative drive systems

We also adhere to the guidelines set out by BREAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) to offer the best energy saving lifts we can. To find out more about how Sheridan Lifts’ energy saving lifts can revolutionise the efficiency of your business, contact us today.