Sheridan Lifts go to the next level

By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 07-03-2013

This year has seen sales for all of our departments exceed all our targets and expectations, as the economy is flat with a difficult year ahead predicted, customers are looking for the very best value for money for every pound they spend whilst maintaining the high standards expected from a lift company.

Whilst using the very best equipment, Sheridan Lifts procurement policy is to search for new supply lines both at home and across the globe. This keeps us at the cutting edge of new technology and as we operate as an entirely independent company, we are not tied to standard products and product-lines, providing our clients with the very best of choice when the time comes to choosing one of our products.

We have one of the very best times for delivery when ordering lift equipment. This is very useful when goods are required at short notice due to component failure as the lift is often critical to our clients businesses or their home. We also specialise in retrofitting with new lift parts to old lifts where lift spare parts are difficult or indeed obsolete.

When you see lift signs saying lift out of order for more than one day it is very frustrating for everyone, our clients expect an instant response and our lift engineers carry in there vans a large stock of lift spares. There spares are carefully selected to utilise our vast experience in terms of common breakdowns and there causes. Vandalism in lifts can be very expensive, and in some environments common. We supply a vast range of equipment to help combat this. We also supply and install CCTV in lifts so that they can be monitored 24 / 7 days a week – this can be very effective in reducing unnecessary costs and lift breakdowns

When looking for new lift installations our clients are provided with the very best equipment and choice when selecting the new lift car interiors, lift doors and control equipment.

When lift modernisation or lift repairs are required, we can provide new lift cabins to the existing lift frames, reducing lead times, cost and potential downtime. Lift maintenance is very much at the forefront of the lift services we provide and we have a proven track record in this field. Our new lift installations comply with the very latest in standards, including energy efficient lifts (in compliance with BREEAM).

Our Lift engineers are on call 7 days a week 24 hours a day

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