The Future is Here: Lift Tech


Published on: 12-11-2015

The future of vertical transportation is here – and its horizontal!


The Power Of Magnets

In our blog The Power of Magnets, we explain how lift technology is being revolutionised by magnetic methods that allow lifts to move from side to side.

That seemed like but a dream back then. But next week, the lift company behind it will be unveiling to the public their magnetic lift technology for the very first time!

A ten metre, functioning model that uses giant magnets to move cars in multiple directions will be showcased in Spain, with a second planned for Germany.

The ‘Magnetic levitation’ technology is borrowed from high speed trains and has the added advantage of not relying on cables. With this new method of getting from A to B, it means you can fit more cars into the shaft at the same time, increasing transport efficiency by up to 50%!

It’s a great day for lift technology and we can’t wait for the lift company to unveil their prototype. Who knows, maybe magnetic levitation will surpass conventional lift mechanics that have been in place for over 150 years. We’d have to have a bit of retraining over here but we’d get up to speed in no time!

For now, it is business as usual here at Sheridan Lifts Lift Company with our lift installation, lift repair and lift modernisation contracts. We’ll keep you updated of the magnetic levitation technology!

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