There’s a change a’coming


Published on: 28-10-2015

We’re sure everyone feels awkward when you have to wait for a lift to come. You push the button and wait for the ride to arrive but in the meantime, a crowd of people have gathered to wait with you. Do you make small talk? Do you just stand there in silence?

It may not seem like a massive inconvenience, waiting for a lift, but Research out of Columbia University showed that office workers in New York spent a cumulative 16.6 years waiting for lifts over the course of just one year!

No matter what you do it’s not the most pleasant encounter. People grow impatient and someone inevitably starts to push the lift button repeatedly – you know, the one you’ve already pushed – as though that will force the lift to arrive sooner; even though we all know it doesn’t! However, a new change in lift technology could make that annoying button pusher somewhat useful.

lift company

TIME published an article yesterday that detailed how lift company ThyssenKrupp have announced new, smart lift technology called MAX. The new technology will be cloud-connected and will increase lift efficiency, whilst also having the advantage of being able to alert maintenance staff of problems before a breakdown occurs.

MAX is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology and its benefits include:

  • Anticipating rush-hour surges
  • Keycard connectivity linked to certain floors
  • Highlighting certain floors with higher demand

The cloud would also be able to monitor individual lift components to ensure every car received lift maintenance proactively, before a break down, rather than annoying and often longer downtime for repairs after the fact.

So, in the future, with this new lift technology, repeatedly button bashing in frustration still won’t make the lift arrive any quicker but it may alert the lift company repair team of a possible maintenance issue; BEFORE a real problem arises.