Why you need platform lifts


Published on: 04-11-2015

If platform lifts are something you’ve never considered then we are here to tell you why you should. Not only are platform lifts extremely beneficial to businesses and their buildings, sometimes, they are a necessity.

Platform lifts offer easy mobility solutions to any and all visitors as well as members of staff, to access all areas of the building. If you have personnel that require the use of a wheelchair, then often, platform lifts are the only option to ensure your building adheres to certain standards and legal requirements.

However, platform lifts can also be useful for the transportation of heavy goods and cargo which is unsuitable for transportation via stairs. That’s why they’re so popular in industrial environments as well as domestic settings.

Platform lifts are also excellent space saving options when more traditional lifts are not suitable.

But why should you choose Sheridan Lifts for your platform lifts? Well, here are just a few reasons why our platform lifts are so popular:

  • All our platform lifts are British built
  • We comply with the Machine Directive and part M-Building regulations
  • We use an ultra-reliable and low maintenance, self-sustained nut and screw drive
  • Our lifts use the Glide Hi-Rise design technology
  • Bespoke options and configurations can be worked in
  • The Glide can be specified with up to 6 stops and a lifting height of 10m

For more information into platform lifts and how Sheridan Lifts can complete your installation, contact us today.