Lift Installation

Lift InstallationWhen concepts are being developed for a new lift installation project, it is the perfect time to contact Sheridan Lifts. We are the ideal partner to employ throughout the design phase. Our consultants are current with the latest on what is happening with technology, manufacturers, regulations and design trends.

Planning your new lift installation

Sheridan Lifts will make your new lift installation project planning go more smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a lift that meets everyone’s diverse and demanding standards.

Several numbers of passenger lifts are usually required in most buildings in order to cope with the traffic density and choosing the right lift configuration can be a critical decision. In the interest of economy as well as even utilisation, every effort should be made to achieve a layout where lifts can be combined into a group with an appropriate group control system.

For Office buildings, one lift group can generally serve all floors in buildings up to 15 to 20 floors depending on the building population. When there are more than 20 floors, single grouping is not efficient and would normally result in long travel times and congestion in the lift lobbies during peak periods.
Lift Installations

“Commercial and Residential buildings can rarely be planned on the basis of brochures alone”

Efficiency of the passenger lift service in a building is usually measured by the “5-minute handling capacity” and the “average destination time” which can be defined as the waiting time in the lift lobby plus the travelling time inside the lift.

New Lift Installation Considerations

The design team will need to consider a whole spectrum of diverse factors, there could be over a hundred different possible configurations for your building’s lifts, and each will have its advantages and disadvantages compared with the others.

So your lift installation will be simple and easy due to our forward planning and consideration.

New Lift Compliance

Sheridan’s comply and are certified to install lifts in compliance as outlined on our compliance page.

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