5 of the best elevator scenes from movies

We’ve been having a bit of a think about the movies here at Sheridan Lifts, and about how many top films feature memorable scenes with our favourite mode of transport on the silver screen.

We thought we’d round some of them up for you below to jog your memories. A trip down memory lane you could call it!

NB: You Tube videos may contain plot spoilers!

Liar Liar (1997)
“Mama!” Possibly the most memorable and funniest scene in the whole film is when Jim Carrey’s character Fletcher is freshly afflicted with his “not being able to lie” syndrome and encounters a rather well endowed new female colleague in the elevator. His frank honesty towards her ahem, buxom appearance is the source of much humour, although admittedly not very chivalrous.

In the Line of Fire (1993)
A corking cat and mouse thriller forges an unhinged and frankly barmy ex assassin against a wily secret service agent, and gives John Malkovich the opportunity to go terrifically overboard as the former. With a good deal of sparring throughout, Malkovich’ baddie avoids detection but comes face to face with his foe in a gripping final few scenes, one of which is played out in a scenic lift. There’s gun shots, there’s breaking glass and high drama. It’s all rather a lot of fun!

Devil (2010)
Not so much as a scene set in an elevator as a whole film set in one, this tense 2010 offering from the pen of The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shayamalan is atmospheric and gripping. The plot is fairly simple, a group of seemingly innocuous people are trapped in an elevator. The caveat? One of them happens to be the devil. Ok then! One by one, the number of alive lift participants reduces, but who is responsible?!

The Departed (2006)
Who can forget this now modern classic’s epic lift scene? Not for the faint hearted – there’s blood, there’s treachery, there’s guns, and there’s a brilliant Jack Nicholson hamming it up like never before! Without including any spoilers, the culmination of the movie sees the film’s two main protagonists descending down from a Boston high rise and results in a rather sticky end for one of them. That’s what you get for being a spy! (they are both spies, so no spoilers here!)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Ah the old classics are the best! Who remembers Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, taking his lucky chocolate bar winners on a tour of his factory via his super speed great glass elevator? Heavily questionable safety regulations aside this family adventure movie from the Roald Dahl novel has it all – humour, silliness, and some of the best made up confectionary items you can shake a stick of rock at.

Did we miss any?

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