A client CASE study – Lift Company

CASE is a charity in Hull who works with local people with learning disabilities and their families towards creating better life opportunities, by developing their independence and by learning new skills so that they can actively contribute in the community.

In 2012, they started a full refurbishment of their Centre of Excellence, renovating both the interior and exterior of the building. CASE wanted brand new room layouts, a lift and complete disabled access. They contacted a lift company to take control of the lift installation and work began.

Upon final inspection of the lift by the CASE Centre’s insurance company, it transpired that the lift that they had bought and had installed was not suitable for use by those with physical disabilities in terms of available space and functionality. In addition to this, the lift company who provided the lift had made the product in their own warehouse, with no ways or means to certify the lift to BS or EC standards. This was obviously a serious issue for the CASE Centre, as the centre is catered towards aiding those with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities.

CASE approached Sheridan Lifts who attended the site and surveyed the available space for the lift. We came up with a bespoke solution for a platform lift installation within this space, which complied to Part M of the Disability Discrimination Act, and were able to fit this over a weekend and in time for the Royal Opening of the Centre in March 2015! We’re certain they won’t be using any other lift company from here on out.