A day in the life of Daniel Sheridan

This week we have a real treat for you as I sat down with company Director Daniel Sheridan and interviewed him for your pleasure!

So here goes, grab yourself a brew and buckle up for the ride!

So Daniel, tell us a bit about your background?
“Well, I started off as a keen footballer scoring a record 72 goals in one season & bagging 11 goals in one game. I played for Burnley FC from the age of 11 to 13 and was signed for Manchester City aged 13. I played in the same team as Kieran Trippier who now plays for Atletico Madrid and scored that wonder free kick in the World Cup semi-final for England! And I played against names like Danny Welbeck (ex-Manchester United player). I versioned my life to be a professional footballer til a career ending injury at 16 – I broke my ankle in 4 places & dislocated it. I never recovered and still have issues to this day with my leg! This was devastating for me with such a promising career ahead of me”.

A day in the life of Daniel Sheridan

So, Sheridan Lifts, how did you come to be involved?
“At 16 I left school and the day after my father handed me my first and only ever job to date as Sheridan Lifts apprentice working alongside my Uncle who is now our Technical Director, Paul Knight! Don’t be fooled it wasn’t all roses! We had our moments! One time he told me to go and get a 19mm spanner from the van 12 floors down as the lift was broke. I had to walk all the way down and walk all the way up to be told I got the wrong size spanner! I wasn’t impressed as you can imagine. We still debate with each other what size he originally said”.

So you shadowed Paul to learn the ropes, was that fun?
“It was sometimes! Every time Paul was in a bad mood he used to take it out on me! And he’d send me for a brew constantly and I use to argue with him that I was not his brew boy! Ha ha.
So I got him back one day when he used to wind me up. We were working in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’t drive at the time only being 16 years old. I would have to go hungry as he had to get the job completed. He used to tell me I should’ve been more organised like him and brought some sandwiches!
So he sent me to the van again to get the job sheets, this time I found his sandwiches under his seat and all I had on my mind was revenge. What would you have done? I took the biggest bite out of it to get him back! I still remember the look on his face to this very day!”

A day in the life of Daniel Sheridan

Daniel (white shirt) pictured this week with the England cricket team

How has your role progressed over the years?
“Eventually I worked myself up to become a qualified Lift Engineer where I had my own van and my own service route. Similar to Anthony Bradshaw who was profiled recently on our blog. This was a proud moment in my life. Then at the age of 22 I came off the tools and started in the office in the operation department.
From the age of 22 Sheridan Lifts was growing in size and expanding, becoming a recognised lift company within the UK. I’ve worked in the operations, accounts and sales department all within the last 6/7 years to give me a sound understanding on how the whole business operation works today!
This is valuable experience I have gained over the past 12 years. I’m now Operations Director and have a very hands on role within the management of the company and the day to day running of all departments”.

What gets you up in the morning?
“My kids! Our most recent addition is little Daniel jnr who was only born in July.
Apart from that, I’ve always been very driven as a person. The most excitement I get is from seeing us succeed in business, winning contracts and ensuring customers are happy. That’s a core focus for us. Customer service is the key to any business success and having a happy work environment where all our staff enjoy what they do and love coming to work. Everyone has a purpose in the business! I have to tip my hat to my old man who has taught me so much over the years. And I have always picked his brain for advice not just about lifts but about life in general and without the opportunity he gave me I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Sheridan Lifts is in my blood”!

What’s next then?
“On a personal level I am driving Sheridan Elevators in the UAE and making huge progress on Sheridan Doors! I think its important not to be afraid of making mistakes as we all do. When I’m am at home, I cannot sit still and am always thinking of opportunities to be a better version of myself.
I am very blessed in my personal life & business life.
I have 4 wonderful children and business is better than ever, life couldn’t be better right now!!”