A day in the life of Lewis Gordon

Caring, dedicated, meticulous – three words that are often used to describe our Key Account Manager Lewis Gordon who is my ready and willing subject for the latest instalment of ‘A day in the life of’!

Lewis can be found in our busy service department, usually working hard with a smile on his face and often dressed smartly and snappily – his collection of tartan trousers have almost legendary status in the business!

lewis 3

It was my pleasure to enjoy a chat and coffee with Lewis this week and hear all about his journey here at Sheridan Lifts. He’s even been kind enough to provide some pictures of himself on his travels across Europe.

So lets begin!

So Lewis, how long have you been at Sheridan Lifts?
I started here in August 2018, so I’ve just had my first anniversary. I actually began as a call out administrator and was doing tasks like processing sheets, booking services and managing and reporting on spreadsheets. I did this role for 7 months until Steven Connelly left for Australia.
I began as Key Account Manager in May and completed my probation in September, splitting my time between looking after our big three main service accounts.

So Lewis, tell us a bit more about yourself
Well, I love to travel. City breaks are my thing and I’m a bit of a geek for new adventures. I’ve visited Paris, the Algarve, Prague, Marrakech and Prague recently and I’m booked for Berlin and Barcelona next year. And like most guys my age, I enjoy socialising and having fun. Who doesn’t?!

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So, you were essentially promoted?
I was! It was the first time I’d actually been promoted despite several promises from previous employers, so it was really nice to get this one and I’m really looking forward to beginning work on the Rochdale Borough Council account when we start for them on 1st November.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Every day is different, and that keeps it interesting with new challenges and clients to accommodate. There’s a real strong focus on social value too so we are working closely with tenants and offering special schemes to help the more vulnerable – like our new Sheridan Care Package, and it is really rewarding when we receive nice letters, like we did last week.

So, what does a typical day look like for you, Lewis?
I guess it’d include things like preparing letters for tenants, spreadsheets for councils and services done within our set KPI’s. I also have to employ a good deal of sensitivity both on the telephone and via printed communications, when the situations arise. Attending and contributing to monthly meetings also underpins what I do.

What’s the best thing about working for Sheridan Lifts?
I like coming in to work, the place has a really good atmosphere and staff are treated like adults, left to use our initiative and not micro-managed. This brings out the best in me, as I really believe that trust works both ways. There are good opportunities here to progress and I think that’s something that Sheridan’s do really well.

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Thanks to Lewis for his time and hope you enjoyed the read!