A day in the life of…Adele Ince

This is the first in our brand-new series of ‘A Day in the Life of’ blog articles– and we begin with a bit of glamour! Adele Ince takes to the hot seat and explains a little about what she does here on a day to day basis. But where did it all begin for her?

“That would be in May 2014, I started here as a Lead Generator for four weeks. During this time, Tony and Daniel (our company directors) saw a little of my hunger and passion for sales”

“I then became a Sales Executive for two years before progressing to Sales Manager where I managed a team of four people covering the whole of the UK”

“At the time, I was one of the first female saleswomen working in a male dominated lifts industry, which I’m quite proud of”

“This role means that you are out on the road a lot, and after 3 years as Sheridan Lifts grew, my role was eventually split geographically and I now focus on the north of the UK. So it’s a few less long journeys for me!”

A mum of two, Adele is adept at multi-tasking but now instead of people managing, she focuses purely on sales and is responsible for client relationship, managing some of our most valuable repeat customers.

But what really makes her tick?

“Undoubtedly sales, and the buzz I get from winning an order and ringing the bell in the office. It really helps that what we can provide as a business is often exactly what the customer wants”

So tell us about a typical day, Adele?

“My role means that I personally respond to sales enquiries, analyse drawings and lift specifications and gather further information from site visits. My forms are then passed to our estimating team who source prices from our manufacturers and suppliers – these are then handed back to me for checking before I submit our tenders to clients”

“I’m a really competitive person, obviously I’m driven by sales targets but I’ve always had that self-motivation too – and I enjoy the customer care side as well”

Lifts have become something of a passion for Adele. They’re not just a vocation are they Adele?

“I love looking at older lifts on site visits and trying to estimate their age, I find them quite fascinating”

Adele enjoys keeping up to date with the latest lift industry news and software updates, and recently attended the Liftex 2019 conference with several of the team here at Sheridan Lifts.

“I really enjoy meeting new people and getting my name out there, whether it be through site visits or attending events Liftex where I’ve now been twice. It’s great seeing all the technological advancements”

So, that’ brings our little interview to an end, thanks so much for your time Adele!

So, if you are need of a new lift installation, you now know who to contact!