A Lift in a Pie

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 06-12-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

A Lift in a Pie


Did you see Heston’s Fantastical Food last night on channel 4? Over the last couple of weeks, Heston has been travelling around the UK to bring back the classic British traits, such as tea breaks (the biscuit dunker) and the Great British pub, with the traditional pub grub. In last night’s show, Heston created a pub made of out…pie! We can see some confused faces here, but he did it and it worked! There was a lot of research involved, advice from the professionals and of course it was completely made out of food! The bricks were made from traditional pub food and turned into a form of pie. One of them was a ploughman’s pie. The bricks were held together by mashed potato. He also made a pool table out of cod, tartar sauce and pea mousse, with pickled egg balls. There was a fruit machine that paid in pub snacks and giant pork scratchings. Of course, the punters were eating their way through the pub! Now imagine if Heston was to do something similar, but for a lift? Health and Safety would have a field day!

We’ve heard about the Willy Wonka style lift with the Jaffa Cake “lick-able” wall, but what about something more edible? What type of food would you like to see a lift made out off? A pie, cake, chocolate…? Our lift engineers would love this! Though, they’d probably end up eating the lift rather than servicing it! Talk about lift modernisation here!

There is a very slim chance of this happening and working, but it would good for comical value and it would put a whole new meaning to lift installation that’s for sure! We’d need more than our lift engineers to do this one! The future of the lifts…you heard it here first!