Lifts Changing Lives – Platform Lift Installation

Small Lift – Big Difference

Sometimes a lift installation is a must. At Sheridan Lifts we are always on hand to assist with any installation required, from platform lift installation to wheelchair access lifts and everything in between.

Give a Kid a Lift

We were looking through the news searching for any industry related topics to write about in this week’s blog when we stumbled across such an inspiring and heart-warming story. In the U.S, there is an initiative called Give a Kid a Lift which is a partnership between Easter Seals Alberta and Canwest Elevator and Lifts which has transformed the lives of one family.

Meet the Hitchcocks

The Hitchcock family have had their very own platform lift installation in their home to assist with the care and support of their son Caleb. Caleb was born with an underdeveloped brain and has a condition called polymicrogyria. Now six years old, Caleb requires a wheelchair because of his physical and mental development limitations.

The family wanted to install some sort of lift to help with his and their mobility, but the costs were just too much. The family found themselves doing more and more lifting which would only become more of a struggle as Caleb grows. However, because of this initiative, they have had their disabled access, platform lift installation absolutely free! It’s the gift that keeps on giving as Caleb grows up and becomes a teenager and eventually, a man.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Hitchcocks are the sixth family to receive a residential elevator through the Give a Kid a Lift programme which we think is absolutely amazing! A platform lift installation can be used in so many ways as they’re an incredibly versatile lift. We wish the Hitchcocks all the very best for the future and hope Caleb continues to inspire millions!