A scary lift service

Some of may have seen on YouTube the “scariest lift ride” and thought “I’m glad that’s not me”! For all those who haven’t yet seen it, here’s what happens…

The person (singular not plural for obvious reasons) would casually step inside the lift as they normally would, press the button to the desired floor and off you go. But, it’s not this straight forward. There’s one extra surprise in store… The lights begin to flicker before going off and that’s when the real fun begins. A distraught looking, deadly girl appears as soon as the lights come back on and she can only be described as looking something similar to the girl from The Ring. The passenger screams – as you would and then the ghostly girl screams. For a journey that should only take a few seconds, probably felt more like a lifetime to the actual passenger who had to experience this. Let’s hope that they’re not too traumatised to step back into a lift again! This wouldn’t do anyone any favours!

This would be a good prank for some, but we can’t judge how our engineers would feel if they had to carry out some lift maintenance on this lift. Though, it would be comical to see their reaction! Maybe we could try it out on a few of them to keep them on their toes a bit! However, it certainly would be one lift that our team would be slightly hesitant about if we were to carry out any form lift service on it.

If you are looking for some lift servicing to be carried out on a lift in your building, then please our team at Sheridan Lifts a call today on 0161 203 6299, but please make sure there’s no extra surprises in store!