All by myself

“All by myself,

Don’t wanna be,

All by myself,


We all know lifts are one of the most awkward experiences that we all have to go through, but how much more awkward would you feel if all of sudden music started playing? We don’t mean ordinary, everyday music either; we’re on about playing a song that sums up your current experience in the lift. This is exactly what The QT Sydney hotel did and this most definitely takes lift services to the next level.

We think it’s meant to be some sort of joke, well we hope it is anyway! The Australian hotel play specific songs depending on how many people there are travelling in the lift. So this is what they do…

If you’re in the lift on your own, then you’ll be hearing “all by myself”, just try not to sing a long Bridget Jones style; or you could hear “are you lonesome tonight”. Now, if you’re on your own and a complete stranger steps in, then you’ll have the joys of listening to “just the two of us”, or “you’ve got a friend”. Awkward! The more people who go in the lift, the livelier the music gets.

Everyone at Sheridan Lifts thinks this is a brilliant idea and it would certainly make any lift maintenance work fun! We would love them to play a song to sum up what our lift engineers are doing!