Another food parcel drop from our team

Good afternoon everyone.

I thought it might be time for another blog from me, and its lovely to be the bearer of good news amidst all the doom and gloom.

They say that in really tough times, people show their true colours. I believe the same can be said for businesses, and its been a source of great pride for me to see how our buisness has been coping with and reacting to this current Covid-19 crisis.

As you may know, many of our key contracts remain live, and as such our staff remain finely tuned to each project. But what has delighted me has been been the togetherness shown by the business and in particular the social value we are showing via our service delivery team and engineers.

We received another request from Manchester City Council this week and I’m delighed to report that another successful essential food parcel drop has been completed by our team. So we not only offer reactive lift maintenance, we also offer reactive food delivery service!

Lewis took the enquiry and took it upon himself to venture out shopping for this vulerable couple in Manchester. Pictures below!

Another food parcel drop from our team

I am so proud that we are able to offer this kind of enhanced service for our much valued tenants. I know how grateful they are to have a company like ourselves helping them during this period.

Here is the gentleman in question receiving his parcel. If I’d have known he was a City fan beforehand, I’d have thought twice about saying yes!

Another food parcel drop from our team

Hopefully when everything is back to normal we will be remembered as a company who went the extra mile and helped the most vulnerable when they needed it most.

I for one am very proud of our staff and company, and you have our word that we will continue to provide this service for the most vulnerable.

Many thanks everyone and I’ll see you all son, hopefully!

Another food parcel drop from our team