Benefits of a Glass Lift

Installing a glass lift system can be an expensive and time-consuming process, but lifts are now an essential part of most building designs. If a business is spread out over a number of floors and has regular visitors and clients needing to travel to different offices, then the installation of a lift is an essential requirement.

A glass lift is a classy inclusion, making life easier whilst adding a touch of style and an executive feel. Glass lifts are the perfect aesthetic for hotels, multi-storey office blocks as well as other establishments.

How can a glass lift really benefit your business?

Mood Changer

Glass lifts are a good way of bringing daylight into your building and raising the mood of staff and clients alike. Daylight affects our mental health, and as winter days get shorter and darker, people can feel down. Being able to step into a bright lift rather than a dark and dreary box will raise the motivation levels of your workforce and make for happier customers.

Save Money and the Environment

As glass lifts make use of natural lighting, less electricity is needed. Unlike enclosed lifts, lights don’t need to be running constantly, saving your business a huge amount of money in the long term whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Aesthetic Design

Modern buildings make use of glass in their overall design, so a glass lift, with it’s minimalist appearance and sleek design, fits seamlessly into its surroundings.

The transparent nature of a glass elevator can blend with any material, so even more dated building of stone and brick will look more elegant with the inclusion of a glass lift.

Transparent Location

If the area surrounding your building provides great views, then show them off to your visitors with a glass lift. Have your lift perform more than its function, by becoming the perfect viewing platform to marvel in the stunning surroundings.

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