What are the benefits of modernising a lift?


Published on: 05-12-2017

Older lifts often suffer from obsolete components that require modern replacements. New features are added to lifts often, so ongoing maintenance is required to constantly update features that become available.

The new features often improve the safety of the lift, and makes sure it complies with ever changing legislation and standards, whilst improving reliability and enhancing traffic flow.

What are the benefits to modernising my lift?

  1. Improving Performance and Traffic Flow: Modernising drive units, the gearbox and the control system within a lift results in much faster lift travel as well as a smoother ride. By also incorporating an intelligent control system, the traffic flow within a building can be properly directed to increase efficiency.
  2. Improved Reliability and lower maintenance costs: Older components are the main source of break downs. If these components aren’t changed these break downs will continue to occur, resulting in costly repairs and long periods of downtime. Replacing these old and obsolete components will avoid these constant break downs all together saving your business time and money.
  3. Adding Value: Buildings need maintenance after a while to retain their appeal – so to do lifts. As well as the mere aesthetic improvements modernising brings, a modern lift will bring added value to the building all together. The modernising work can be relatively simple; jobs can involve ‘re-skinning’ landing doors, replacing lighting, new lift car finishes, adding CCTV or fitting mirrors within the car.
  4. Conforming to regulations: Legislation regarding disabled access and health and safety changes all the time. Modernisation may be necessary to comply with these changes in legislation without the need of replacing an entire lift system, which can be very costly. There exists a series of standards and codes of practice for existing passenger lifts and goods lifts that provide full guidance.

Make sure your lifts comply with regulations through regular lift maintenance.