Benefits To Your Business That A Platform Lift Can Bring

There is more to making your business accessible than installing a few disabled parking spaces and placing a ramp at the front of the building. Your entire site has to be easily accessible for everyone: staff and customers alike.

Not only is it good business sense, but in the UK, it is also the law that disabled access – that is easy to use – is installed in your businesses.

Platform lifts are one of the most useful systems for ensuring your buildings are easily accessible. Today, platform lifts help people with mobility issues move safely between floors in businesses around the globe. As well as making sure disabled customers and clients can reach all parts of your business, platform lifts also ensure that your building meets legislative requirements of Part M, Section 4.2 and the Equality Act.

If that isn’t enough, here are some more benefits that platform lifts can bring to your company:

  1. Efficiency

Platform lifts can carry large capacities and large weights without having to compromise on speed or safety. They are typically bigger than standard lifts but can be installed much easier than traditional systems. Even though the system is bigger than other lifts, they are benefitted with low running costs and much cheaper maintenance costs due to the single-phase power consumption.

  1. Security

Wheelchair users can gain easy access to a platform lift without having to vacate their chair. This significantly lowers the risk of injury. Your business managers can have peace of mind that any visitors to your site will be safely transported between floors.

  1. Access

With clients and employees free to move around easily and safely, your businesses can run smoothly and effectively, with little wasted downtime having to deal with awkward access points.

When people can engage fully with your business it benefits both you and your future client base through word of mouth. By installing a platform lift you are making provisions for those with disabilities and sending out a positive message to both current and future customers.