The Birds and the Bees 🐝

When Hunter and Sheridan Lifts love each other a very much – a beautiful new lift is born!

Among the hustle and bustle of London’s Regent Street, tucked away in tranquility, lives our little baby.

Rainforest Lift

Sheridan Lifts installed a rainforest inspired lift in Hunter’s vibrant retail store, in London. Riding the lift gives a South-American sensation of an immersive rainforest experience. Your personal escapade between shop floors.

Evergreen artificial grass decorates the walls inside the lift, and the red pop-art style panels complement the shop’s lively atmosphere. Genius aesthetic adjustments are a creative and inexpensive way to re-jig the appearance of your shiny new lift and add to your brand’s image.

Hunter’s store is an unforgettable outdoor themed wonderland. Not only does the lift’s interior look like a rainforest but it also feels like a leafy land with the fresh sounds of birdsong. Harmonious chirping in the distance through thick vegetation contributes to the refreshing rainforest experience.

Manchester ❤ London

London is a king metropolis but Manchester is its queen – our buzzy bee can be heard inside the lift amongst the sweet birdsong. Our proud worker bee and its values go everywhere we go. In Hunter, there will always be a little piece of Manchester buzzing around with our friends in London.

Sheridan Lifts are already creating a buzz across Manchester and in London. We install and service lifts all over the UK. There are thousands of ways to get creative with lift design – if you can dream it, we can do it!

If you’d like a new lift to benefit your business, providing access for customers and helping to build a strong and unforgettable brand image – get in touch!

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