Busy, Busy, Busy!

Running around London like a headless chicken in the stifling heat is not exactly the most enjoyable experience, especially when you need to get those all-important household necessities. I mean, you cannot survive without your bacon butty and cup of builder’s tea in the morning otherwise your fellow colleagues would be berated for making the slightest mistake. Even if it means that you have to traipse all the way around Kings Cross dodging the throngs of people making their way home after a long and tiring day, the search for a nice crusty baguette is at the forefront of your mind. The local corner shop does not seem to stock your preferred choice of bread, so you have to venture a little further afield. Victorious after your shopping spree, the last thing that you want to encounter is a broken and run down elevator. You are exhausted after your endeavours and want nothing more than to soak in a nice bubble bath, with a glass of vino and the paper at your disposal.

Unfortunately, until all the necessary lift maintenance work is carried out, it means that you have to fight your way down the stairs with all the other angry commuters. Lift repairs in the capital should be sorted out as quickly as possible, but delays and setbacks do happen from time to time. However, it is no excuse for shoddy workmanship once you have finally managed to get hold of a lift installation firm, and so you have to make sure that you procure lift maintenance services from an established and reputable organisation.

Well as luck would have it, Sheridan Lifts are on standby to take your call. We have dealt with so many complex matters over the 33 years that we have been in business and have seen some sights, we can tell you! Lift servicing needs to be of the very highest standard and all bases have to be covered as you cannot afford to miss even the smallest of details such as faulty buttons, sticking doors or flashing lights. Such little inconveniences can result in costly repairs being made in the future, so you have to be extra vigilant. With big names such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as Bury, Tameside and The Manchester College singing our praises, we are in illustrious company!

Honesty and integrity is crucial if you are looking for top of the range lift services, and Sheridan Lifts has both in abundance. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you just give us a call on 0161 203 6299 and we will be happy to answer any pressing queries you may have.