When Should You Call for Lift Repairs?

As a building owner, you are responsible for keeping the elevator in good working condition. There can be serious safety risks if the lift is not maintained well. Even minor problems can be disturbing to tenants and visitors. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, the elevator serves an important purpose and must be maintained in top condition. Any machine that is used regularly is going to break down at some point of time. Regular maintenance helps avoid minor lift problems but lift repairs are still needed occasionally. An elevator has various moving parts that wear out over time.

Loud Noise

It is the most common problem in lifts. It can be irritating for tenants living in the building to continuously hear the rattling noise every time the elevator is moving up or down. The problem could be due to a loose part or a part that is worn out. Call for our professional lift technician service. The technician will diagnose the problem quickly using state of the art diagnostic equipments. The loose part will be fixed and worn out part will be replaced as required. Malfunctioning bearings not only generate noise but can also cause motor failure. Noisy bearings are the major cause of unnecessary vibration in the motor. Electrical noise is not so obvious but it indicates fault in the lift’s electrical system. Contact us for lift repairs when you notice any such problem.

Worn Out Sheaves

Such sheaves start damaging ropes. Proper re-grooving or replacement of sheaves is needed to prevent failure of hoist rope. The grooves of sheaves must wear evenly. These parts should be checked only by a professional elevator technician. A regular maintenance service helps diagnose such issues in the early stage of the fault.

Power Problems that Require Lift Repairs

An elevator requires lots of power. If you have recently upgraded your building’s lighting, water supply or any other heavy duty electrical item, you have to ensure the elevator is still receiving right voltage and amperage. Poor quality voltage supply affects motor operations. It can damage the elevator’s electrical parts. The lift requires quality power. If it is receiving under or over voltage, it will not function properly. The hidden problem of high energy use is difficult to identify. A professional elevator technician uses infrared thermograph to identify trouble spots by checking any drastic temperature changes.

Contaminated or Dried Lubricants

All moving parts of an elevator that require lubrication must be kept well oiled. Even lubrication cannot stop failure of elevator components. At some point of time, the lubrication oil slightly dries up. It becomes contaminated. Micro metal particles are released in the oil due to friction between metal parts. This can happen even when the moving parts are lubricated well.

There can be other elevator problems. For example, it may suddenly stop and then start working again. The users may notice an abrupt landing. These problems may be due to electrical failures, timing issues or faulty electronics. Lift repairs may be needed if lift users experience jerks and sudden shifts during lift operations. The problem of slow wait time could be due to worn out relays of the elevator. Fix your lift fault now. Call for any type of lift repairs at residential, commercial or industrial building.