Call Waiting…

In Graz, the second largest city in Austria, the Mayor has made an informed decision to ban mobile phones on public transport, much to the delight of passengers who want to travel in peace. The last thing you want to hear when you feel a bit fragile and delicate in the morning, is some harried lady screeching into her mobile, or a group of boorish businessmen loudly discussing the closure of a deal whilst their fellow travellers look down at their newspapers in abject misery. Yes, there are quiet carriages on trains, but you still get people who choose to ignore the rules and gabble on endlessly about what they are having for dinner, or whether they should wear the black dress or the red trouser suit to the fancy do which they are attending in the evening. It is okay to get a snapshot of people’s lives if they are having a quiet conversation, but hearing heated debates and arguments when you have had four hours sleep is the last thing that you want.

Unfortunately, rudeness and ignorance is all around us, as it is an all too common sight seeing someone desperately asking for assistance whilst others mill around them oblivious to their plight. It could be a girl struggling with a huge suitcase, trying in vain to lug it up the escalator all by herself, or an elderly gentleman trying to ask for directions to no avail. Bus drivers sometimes find it highly amusing to watch you sprinting across the road towards the stop only for them to smile sardonically and pull away as soon as you reach the door. Not very humorous really, is it? If the boot was on the other foot then they wouldn’t be laughing very hard.

Once you actually reach your destination you notice that essential lift maintenance work is being done yet again. The elevator never seems to be in use, and so you have to take the stairs for the fourth time this week. It is good for your calves; sure; but wreaks havoc on your already tired tootsies. Lift repair cannot be that hard, surely? Well, here at Sheridan Lifts, the lift maintenance specialists, we would have that bad boy running like clockwork in the blink of an eye. Regular lift maintenance checks do not cost a lot but are invaluable to any company, large or small. All lift repair duties are carried out in a thorough and meticulous manner and we always make sure that the customer is our number one priority. If you want your elevator to look sleek and chic then lift modernisation from Sheridan Lifts is just the ticket. Just ring 0161 203 6299 and we will be on our way, come rain or shine.