Can Dumbwaiters Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

As a piece of machinery, it is hard to imagine that a service lift like a dumbwaiter could be an aesthetical addition to a property. After all, they are usually installed in hidden locations like the kitchen. With this said, the team here at Sheridan Lifts believe that the dumbwaiter has some potential when it comes to complimenting décor. Read on to find out whether they have the potential to be aesthetically pleasing…

Door Disguises

Unless your dumbwaiter needs to be easily accessible for employee productivity, it is actually possible to have it hidden by a door so that it looks like a regular cupboard. This can be very beneficial in hotels that use a dumbwaiter for room service so that the corridors are not affected by the traditional metallic design. After all, it is hard to deny that this would look incredibly out of place in such an industry.


Modern Design

An old-fashioned dumbwaiter was made out of wood which means that they would deteriorate in quality relatively quickly. On the other hand, modern developments have crafted a dumbwaiter that wouldn’t be recognisable by our ancestors. From heated plates to smooth operation, the design on the modern dumbwaiter is so sleek that it would be hard to call it an eyesore.

Hidden Mechanics

Just like any other service lift, a dumbwaiter comes with a range of mechanical applications and many people tend to worry that the wires will be on show when they are actually hidden. After all, the framework for a dumbwaiter tends to be covered by plasterboard and painted like a regular wall, meaning that the service lift just looks like a hole in the wall that serves a purpose.

By implementing interior design into every one of our installations, the team here at Sheridan Lifts are certain that a dumbwaiter will be an aesthetic bonus to every property. Whether you are modernising a restaurant or trying to prevent cross contamination in a hotel, there is no reason why beauty should have to be sacrificed. To find out more about our range of dumbwaiters, get in contact with a member of the Sheridan Lifts team today!