Comparing Lift Maintenance Providers: What to Look For

Curious to know what to look for when you compare lift maintenance providers? We’ve got you covered, as this guide tells you all you need to know when choosing a reliable provider.

Finding the right balance of considering your specific needs and what the lift maintenance provider can offer you can be a challenge, especially with so many lift maintenance companies out there. So it’s essential to know what you should look for. Lift maintenance is crucial in maintaining a safe, smooth operation of the lift in your building, with the right provider saving you both time and money.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we provide efficient, dedicated services covering every aspect of lift provision. With over 40 years of experience, our lift maintenance services puts you and your lift in safe hands.

Comparing Lift Maintenance Providers: What to Look For

Why It’s Crucial to Compare Lift Maintenance Providers 

Lifts can be temperamental, succumbing to the effects of time that inevitably result in wear and tear. The right lift maintenance provider can ensure that your lift remains in top condition at all times, maintaining both safety and smooth operation of your lift.

The role of a lift maintenance provider can also reduce the risk of future breakdowns or issues, with their regular maintenance proving beneficial in the long run by extending the lift’s lifespan.

Choosing the right provider means you can trust that their services will fulfil your specific needs whilst guaranteeing efficient optimisation of the running of the lift. It’s worth shopping around for the right maintenance provider in order to feel totally secure that they’re working to keep your passengers safe. 

Lift maintenance is an important preventative measure that can identify issues that would have otherwise been time consuming and costly. It’s a necessary part of ensuring that your lifts are in line with legal requirements, LOLER regulations and at minimal risk of causing danger. The right lift maintenance provider should give you peace of mind in all of these areas. 

What to Look for When You Compare Lift Maintenance Providers

Knowing what to look for when determining which lift maintenance provider is right for you can be hard, as there are often so many things to consider. Below we break down what we think are the most important factors when choosing your provider: 

What Are the Types of Maintenance Provided?

Looking at what maintenance the provider offers is key for identifying whether their services correlate with what you want. They may offer regularly scheduled visits to keep on top of your lift needs and identify any potential issues when they arise, or even bespoke packages tailored to what you want!

Whether they offer a 24 hour emergency line could be important for you, knowing you have a provider to rely on no matter the time of day your issue occurs. Additionally, a provider that just provides a ‘quick check’ maintenance service won’t be enough to improve the longevity of your lift. Regular servicing and quality servicing are essential. 

Does the Provider Have a Lot of Experience?

Whether it’s the type of experience or length of experience you’re focused on, this is important to check. A well established provider with a wealth of experience may help you feel secure in your choice, knowing that you’ve invested in a knowledgeable company.

You can take a look at our case studies to gain an insight into our previous work and the successes we’ve achieved over the years within our business. 

What’s Included in the Lift Maintenance Contract?

Check what is offered in the lift maintenance contract to determine whether you’re getting the most for your money. The contract can be based on the type of lift, how much it’s used, whether it is a passenger lift or goods lift, the lift size and therefore how often maintenance will be needed for it. Evaluate what you’re getting in your contract by comparing the following aspects:

– Guaranteed response time

– Number of hours of maintenance service per month

– The type of equipment covered

– Whether minor repairs are included 

– Whether they have a 24 hour emergency line

Providers may offer scheduled maintenance contracts, which benefit landlords, building managers and lift owners. 

With our contracts, you can feel certain that you’re getting the best value service possible, as we tailor contracts to your specific needs and work with you to create a bespoke package. Regular maintenance visits are guaranteed with Sheridan Lifts as your provider, always taking care to make sure your lift can run smoothly. 

Comparing Lift Maintenance Providers: What to Look For

What Are the Terms and Conditions for Their Contract?

Comparing a contract’s terms and conditions can help you decide which lift maintenance provider will benefit you the most. Making sure the terms work in your favour helps you to compare the providers, especially if you’d like to make payments quarterly, monthly or annually. 

Check the cancellation terms for your contract and whether they suit what you want from your provider. You should also look if there’s an evergreen clause for your contract and make yourself aware of the small print. Terms and conditions could sway your decision when comparing.

Where Are Their Locations and What Is Their Response Time?

Determining whether you want a provider local to you is key, as you may take comfort in the fact that they can be right there when you need them. Whether they can offer maintenance contracts in your area might be a deciding factor for you, and the closer they are, the sooner their response time if any immediate problems arise. 

We offer a range of lift services within various locations in the UK, so you can see if our lift maintenance services are available for your location or a location near you. 

What Sectors Do They Serve?

Looking at what sectors the provider works in can determine whether their lift maintenance services will be right for you. A knowledge of that sector can be beneficial, and if they serve a wide range of businesses, you can trust in their scope of lift industry knowledge.

At Sheridan Lifts, we build strong relationships with customers from many different sectors, with the ability to serve all kinds of industries. Up and down the country we’ve worked with local council authorities, residential buildings, hospitals, care homes, apartment building owners and many more!

Do Their Clients Have Positive Feedback? 

Looking at what their clients say provides useful insight as to whether they have positive feedback, and shows you the range of businesses they have provided for. Hearing what others say can be reassuring or alternatively can tell you why this provider isn’t right for you. 

To gain an insight into how our customers feel about having us as their lift maintenance provider, you can check out what our clients say about our services on our home page.

What Do Sheridan Lifts Offer as a Lift Maintenance Provider?

At Sheridan Lifts, we offer 3 different types of lift maintenance service packages, which are: 

– Sheridan Standard: The standard package includes 4, 6 or 12 service visits per year from one of our lift experts, plus access to our 24/7 emergency line. 

– Sheridan Comprehensive: This is an all-inclusive service package including everything that the Sheridan Standard offers and perfect for clients who need a bit more for their lifts, with 6 or 12 yearly visits, as well as replacement parts up to £350.

– Sheridan Premium: This is both previous packages rolled into one with the added bonus of callouts for emergency lift repairs during normal business hours is included at no extra cost, even during peak times.

Choosing Sheridan lifts for your lift maintenance provider means joining a highly accredited, family run business with over 40 years of experience. Our knowledgeable experts will implement the absolute best service for you, so you can operate your lift stress-free.


Passenger lifts legally require maintenance visits every six months, whereas goods only lifts legally require maintenance once a year. However, these are minimum requirements and your contract can be tailored to fit your specific requirements, especially if you have a lift that is constantly in use. You can learn more about how often lift maintenance should be scheduled by reading our blog.

The maintenance of a lift is essentially a thorough inspection of all the mechanical and electrical components. It is a preventative measure to identify any damage to the lift’s parts before problems arise.

Lift maintenance saves you time, money and ensures safety as it monitors a smooth operation of your lift. Regular inspections identify what could’ve been costly problems for future you and identify them swiftly. It helps to spot when old parts need quickly replacing, and minimises the risk of any dangerous incidents.

The lifespan of a lift is on average 15-20 years before refurbishment or replacement, but this depends on the quality of lift installed and the type. A regular maintenance schedule can help tell you what the lifespan of your lift is or whether a professional recommends a complete replacement.