Completed job: Woodbridge Lodge, Suffolk

Teaming up with Gartec Lifts and our client Kingsley Healthcare, another completed project has recently been added to our portfolio.

Sheridan Lifts are well versed with working in the field of healthcare, offering extensive experience with business-critical lift installations within hospitals, laboratories, surgeries and general practitioners. We also undertake projects like this one, where we install lifts within care homes.

Sensitivity and care is required with this nature of project as residents remain in situ throughout the duration of construction works.

Completed job: Woodbridge Lodge, Suffolk

Photo by Steven Kammerling

As you might imagine, lift types vary depending on the size and layout of care home, in this instance we enlisted the services of Gartec Lifts, a specialist provider of platform lifts to undertake this project in Suffolk. Firstly, removal of the existing old Stannah cabin lift was required before installation of the new platform lift could commence.

Their patented screw and nut drive system offers a safe, quiet and environmentally friendly solution eliminating the need for any separate machine room, pump box or housing for hydraulic equipment.

The self-supporting enclosure is constructed from 25mm thick vinyl coated double skinned steel panels or framed 8.8mm toughened and laminated glass providing one of the most robust and durable structures available on the market.

Commenting on the completed project, David Saker, Group Engineering Manager for Kingsley Healthcare said:

“I went over to the site and I am very happy with the new unit”

“The staff, residents and care home manager are also happy with it. The manager has asked me to pass on how well both sets of engineers worked and the good job they did”

Many thanks to both our client and to Gartec Lifts for what has been a highly successful project.