Costing a Fortune

This little church in Springfield, America, has suffered the unfortunate consequences of having to fork out a fortune for having the privilege of a 4ft elevator installed for wheelchair users. Costs have skyrocketed by a massive 2000%; which is quite astonishing as they need to ensure that those impaired by disabilities can travel to and from the building with ease and do not want to discriminate on grounds of physical deficiency. Lift maintenance is integral for this local parish as they want all of the community to feel at home and express their faith every Sunday with prayer readings and hymn recitals. If they had thought to ask Sheridan Lifts for their opinion on the matter then we would tell them under no uncertain circumstances that they are paying far too much for lift services and should instead choose a cheaper option instead.

We are an established and reputable company which specialises in lift installation, modernisation and maintenance and have built up such a varied and wide-ranging clientele over the 33 years that we have been trading. Elevators in commercial buildings need to be closely inspected every year. If you want to keep on top of things then regular lift maintenance is absolutely crucial, as you cannot afford to just ignore small faults and minor issues concerning the upkeep of any model. Lift repairs are undertaken with consummate professionalism and we consider all angles carefully before making an informed decision about what to do next. This is a vital aspect of lift planning as you have to be methodical and pragmatic if you are to be successful in your endeavours.

Churches should not actually be classed as commercial buildings as they are places of worship and should be treated as such. Pastors are not customers looking for business as they go to a chapel for reflection and to share their religious beliefs with fellow devotees. Public safety is part and parcel of lift planning and you have to be reminded that not everyone is able to scale escalators or large flights of stairs as they are not all able-bodied. Sheridan Lifts will furnish you with all the necessary information that you require if you are interested in utilising our excellent lift repair solutions; so why not give us a call on 0161 203 6299 and have a chat with one of our friendly team?