Da Vinci Code Lift Accident

Tragedy as man dies using the lift at the home of Da Vinci Code.

A man using a lift has died at the house in Lincolnshire, which featured in Middlemarch and The Da Vinci Code Film. Investigations are taking place ascertain the cause of the accident.

Lifts are a very Safeway of traveling. But they are machines and machine will and can fail.

At Sheridan Lifts, we offer a complete service schedule on existing lifts. On all our new lift installations, they are provided with a 12 month lift maintenance schedule included in the price.

Lift should also be subject to the 6 monthly competent examinations that are required In the LOLER 98 Regulation 9. A report is then compiled with recommendations with time frames.

If a defect is noted that could be serious or make the lift unsafe, then the lift will be switched off.

This should then be reported to the lift owner and the local environmental health for their records. Once the defect has been rectified the lift can then be placed back into service.

Accident will happen, but it is good practice to have your lift checked and tested at regular intervals.

This will depend on the use of the lift and the type of building it operates in.

Again, at Sheridan’s, our technical engineers will provide you with the information for lift installation