Delving deeper with passenger lifts


Published on: 03-09-2015

You wouldn’t think passenger lifts would be become staples of popular culture but that’s exactly what they are. No longer serving a sole function of literally taking people from floor to floor, passenger lifts have morphed into metaphors and analogies; taking deep root in both music and TV & film.

There are a multitude of songs that refer to or use passenger lifts as some sort of symbol. Everyone from Eminem, Beyoncé, Aerosmith and Pink have all written songs that have referenced elevators and lifts and we’ve previously discussed how TV shows such as Mad Men have used scenes in passenger lifts as pivotal character and plot development points. And the lifts are used to convey so many different things; love, sex, relationships, careers, aspirations or even just to convey how someone is feeling at that particular moment.

However, here at Sheridan Lifts, we focus more on the practical applications of passenger lifts rather than the metaphorical. We’ve been installing passenger lifts for a number of years, combining aesthetics and reliability to deliver a first class lift installation service.

Our passenger lifts can be found in a variety of commercial buildings including, schools, hotels, offices and retail stores. Whilst popular culture focuses on the symbolic nature of passenger lifts we’ll stick to the literal uses and concentrate on getting you from A to B!