Different Types of Service Lifts

Without certain machinery, the majority of businesses in the service industry would fall apart. After all, society has become dependant on everyday installations that were once a luxury just a century ago. Take the service lift as an example; a construction that offers an effective solution to employees who would otherwise be forced to lift heavy items all day. Here a few different types that have become commonplace…

Trolley Lift

For situations where loads are impossible for a person to carry, the trolley lift comes in handy. They can hold up to 300kg in weight and are implemented in a wide range of different establishments. From retail to hotels, trolley lifts are able to span up to six floors and whilst they operate much slower than a regular lift, they are very cost effective.

Cargo Lift

One type of service lift is known as the cargo lift and these are not combined to a shaft but instead able to be driven around. In fact, this is why they are often used in warehouses. With the ability to lift 1000 lbs and durability that is said to last for at least a decade, the cargo lift is a type of service lift that is often misunderstood.


Also known as the micro lift, the dumbwaiter is a service lift that has revolutionised the industry as we know it. In fact, they can be found in restaurants, pubs, hotels, homes and even in office environments! With the ability to serve up to six floors, the dumbwaiter is not a service lift meant for people but rather for meals or items that are too heavy to carry.

Here at Sheridan Lifts we are committed to delivering a great service for each and every client. After all, the service industry would be lost without the service lift! In fact, dumbwaiters are one of the most essential components in a restaurant because they prevent cross contamination and make it easier for the orders to reach the floor, especially if the kitchen is downstairs. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Sheridan team today!