Don’t take your lifts for granted

We all take the lifts for granted in modern multi storey buildings. Unless we are on a fitness drive, most of us never even consider taking the stairs. We simply step into the lift and assume it will whisk us efficiently and safely up to the floor we want. But just stop for a moment and consider the chaos that would occur if your lifts were to stop working, even for a day. Staff would soon be exhausted from all those stairs; deliveries would pile up in reception and movement between offices on different floors would grind to a halt.

Fortunately, at Sheridan Lifts, we never take lifts for granted. Our expert lift engineers work around the clock servicing and repairing lifts, to ensure that they are always working at peak efficiency to keep Britain’s offices, hotels and tower blocks running smoothly. We work behind the scenes and out of sight, oiling the cogs, refurbishing the motors and checking the cables, so that your lifts can continue to work reliably and dependably, week after week, year after year.

Our lift engineers can provide a wide range of support, with annual servicing and regular lift maintenance contracts to spot problems before they occur. What’s more, we’re always on call if anything does go wrong, with rapid response to solve any problems and fix any faults, to get your lifts working again fast.

Like the cleaners who work unseen through the night so that offices are miraculously clean every morning when the workers arrive, Sheridan Lifts can work with you to ensure that your lifts stay fully operational without anyone being inconvenienced or even noticing we are there.

People will always take lifts for granted, and at Sheridan Lifts, we think that’s exactly the way it should be.