Education, Education, Education

Students will soon be descending upon all major cities and towns once again as there will be a huge influx of freshers infiltrating universities across the land, so you had better brace yourselves! It is ever such an exciting experience when you embark on a three year course at college as you will meet all sorts of colourful and interesting individuals, whilst hopefully getting an education along the way. Parents will no doubt worry about the hijinks which their offspring will undoubtedly get up to as it is inevitable that young adults will get into some silly scrapes due to the fact that they have finally flown the nest. It has already cost them the majority of their savings to send their kids to the best establishments in the country, and the bad news is that tuition fees have skyrocketed in recent years. Gone are the days where it cost well under four grand to go to uni as it is more likely that you will pay nearly three times this much if you want your child to get a decent degree. London is obviously the most expensive area in the UK to study, even at glorified polytechnics, and it is incredibly difficult to get into any Scottish campus as they still hand out student grants to lucky scholars who are fortunate enough to get their foot in the door.

After you have settled in nicely in your new digs and met your roomies for the first time you all decide to re-convene in half an hour and head down to the union for a refreshing beverage. Taking the elevator seems like the easiest option but unfortunately it is closed as vital lift repair work is being performed by the specialists at Sheridan Lifts. Not to worry, you can always use the stairs. Your legs are healthy enough as you are youthful and energetic and it is no problem whatsoever running down three flights of steps to the bar and ordering what will be the first of many drinks with your brand new chums. After a few jars you start to resent the fact that the convenient and handy elevator is not in use and those simple-to-manage stairs look increasingly more difficult to cope with. Lift servicing does not take long, so there is no need to be so impatient! You could be much worse off and actually have to wait for weeks whilst lift servicing was going on but because we have so much knowledge and expertise in the lift maintenance industry you are in safe hands so you should not get all hot and bothered.

Did you know that we have already provided top of the range lift installation solutions to high-end educational institutions such as Tameside College, Bury College and the University of Salford? No? Well surely this is reason to trust Sheridan Lifts 100% as we have had no complaints so far when it comes to lift installation. If you want to talk to one of our friendly, welcoming staff about what we can do to help then do not hesitate to call us on 0161 203 6299 and we will be happy to discuss things in more detail.